Psychotherapy Papers is a unique psychotherapy eJournal which maintains some of the best features of the traditional printed academic/professional journal (refereed) while eliminating several of the negative features (long publishing time-lag, expense, inaccessibility, word-length limit).

As an online publication it enables (indeed encourages) comment and feedback from readers. It is available to all at no cost.

To publish work early in order that feedback from readers can be incorporated as it develops.

Article length
Although there is no upper word limit, authors are particularly encouraged to submit short pieces. Essay reviews, for example, or pieces which may be part of a larger project. Wordlength guideline: 2,000 words.

Each submission to Psychotherapy Papers is double-refereed members of the academic staff of the AUT Department of Psychotherapy and invited referees from the broader psychotherapy community.

Each article has a comments section for reader feedback (anonymous if preferred).
Readers can subscribe to Psychotherapy Papers by clicking in the orange RSS button – this will notify subscribers when a new paper appears in the eJournal.
An archive of all previously published articles is provided.

Working Papers
Authors are encouraged to submit work early in the reasearch/writing process in order that a). readers have early access to ideas, and b). authors get the benefit of reader feedback.
Authors maintain copyright of their work and are free to publish it whole or in part elsewhere.

Links, photos, videos, etc.
Authors are encouraged to include links, photographs, videos, etc. with their papers. Authors undertake to ensure copyright permission.
Please send inquiries re submissions to the editor:

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